Club support during COVID-19

Doing Whatever It Takes

We know that youth and families rely on us in times of crisis. The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley is here to support the community, especially those who need us most. We are committed to providing as much support and help as we can, in a safe manner, for as long as the COVID-19 Coronavirus remains a public health emergency. 

Our Club is finding ways to offer support by providing meals to youth, one-on-one counseling, virtual daily programming and more. We have also opened our doors to begin serving the children of essential workers. While we would love to be able to open our doors up to all the families we know who are struggling right now, caring for this group of young people is among the most important ways we can help our community.

Click on any of the boxes above to learn more about the ways we’re supporting youth and families during this challenging time.

How You Can Help

We have the ability to make this unsettling time a little more hopeful by simply choosing to be there for one another.  For those who are able, please consider the difference your donation can make to those we continue to serve during this difficult time. To donate, please click the button below and select “Urgent Needs Fund” from the designation dropdown.

Existing Club Services Still Being Offered

  • Center for Grieving Children – Is hosting virtual family nights each month during this time for the families and youth. CGC is also providing grief resources and support via the CGC Facebook page. For more information please check out the latest newsletter. If you have questions contact Erin at
  • Youth & Family Counseling – Some level of counseling support may still be offered. If you are utilizing our youth and family counseling services and have questions, please contact Carlyn at
  • Runaway & Homeless Youth Services – All services that are not based in the schools may continue. Youth in need can continue to call our hotline for help 24-hours a day at 920-731-0557. For other general questions please contact Katie at
  • STAR – Students in this program will be able to continue communicating with their STAR Coordinator. For questions please contact Kayla at
  • TRAC – Students in this programs will be able to continue communicating with their TRAC Case Manager. For questions please contact Phil at
  • Other – Youth and families are encouraged to email for all other urgent needs. We will work to provide as much assistance as possible given the current public health emergency.

Check out our rap video below that talks about COVID-19 and how we’re stepping up for our youth and families during this time.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley’s “Hand Hygiene Dream Team” is here for you!

Explaining COVID-19 to youth

If you are looking for opportunities to talk to and educate to your children about COVID-19, check out these helpful resources:

Educational Resources

Other Resources

For any other inquiries please email