Our Commitment to Equity

Our core belief is that all young people deserve an equitable chance to reach their full potential. We work hard on many fronts to advance the hopes and dreams of the young people who need us most. We believe in them and trust that if we can help them believe in themselves, they can and will go off to become caring adults and make their own lasting differences throughout their lives.

We recognize oppression and disparity exist in the world resulting in micro-aggressions, systemic inequity, and violence. We believe in the right for individuals and communities to have equitable access and opportunity to succeed in all organizations and workplaces. We are committed to doing our part to help dismantle systemic-isms and to live up to the ideals of functioning as an actively antiracist organization. We commit to using the principles of equity, inclusion, and social justice to evaluate and guide our policies, practices, and procedures.

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The United Equity Team

In Spring 2023, BGCFV created the United Equity Team which is comprised of diverse Club staff of various levels and departments and Board Members that are passionate about Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and committed to working to improve our Club. These employees committed to a one year term with potential to reapply after that year if they so choose with a focus on developing the BGCFV DEI Framework.  Now in our second year as of June 2024, we are currently a team of 9 staff that meets monthly and champions the DEI work happening throughout the Club at all sites.

Our Purpose

The United Equity Team drives the development of a comprehensive DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) framework and strategy that enables the BGCFV to implement and operationalize  practices that embody the ideals of our organization’s commitments as an antiracist, inclusive, and equitable organization.

Our Goals

The United Equity Team will deliver…

  • Organizational plan that demonstrates commitment to this work.
  • Diagnostic/assessment of current state of DEI within the BGCFV
  • Clear strategy and framework for DEI, inclusive of clear goals and metrics within the BGCFV from the youth and families served to the staff and board (leveraging the diagnostic assessment) ensuring prominence in the overarching strategies of the BGCFV.
  • Communication and change management plan for the DEI strategy and framework
  • Transition plan from unified team designed for this current mission to the next phase of maturity

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