Standing Against Hate

Hate has no home here graphic

We are horrified by the shooting deaths of eight people in Atlanta, six of whom were Asian-American women. We are horrified, too, by the many hate crimes involving physical violence and harassment targeting Asian Americans.

That the shooting in Atlanta is not an isolated incident is not lost on us. Since the start of the pandemic, inflammatory and xenophobic rhetoric, harassment, and violence against Asian American and Pacific Islander persons, families, and communities have increased. These hateful acts damage our communities and run counter to everything we stand for as a Boys & Girls Club.

We are committed to advancing equity for people of all races and ethnicities, knowing that only when people of all races and ethnicities are liberated from racism can we begin to fulfill our mission. Equity is critical to guaranteeing everyone’s safety and security— the youth and communities we serve, as well as our very own team members.

We stand with our many Asian and Asian-American members, their families, and team members. We stand against the structures, biases, stereotypes, and hate that perpetuate and fuel discrimination and assaults on the Asian and Asian American communities. Our mission, our ability to help the Fox Cities become a great place for ALL kids to grow and thrive, depends on it.


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