General Volunteering

Due to COVID-19 we are not currently accepting volunteers for general volunteering.

We offer programming in arts, music, science, technology, health and safety, sports and recreation, and career and educational areas. We always need homework helpers and volunteers to spend time with our kids ages 6 and above. We also need volunteers to help us at special events, assist with serving meals at our Club and providing administrative help at our front desk.

Serving 6 – 12 Year Olds

  • Learning Center (tutoring, computers)
  • Gym (basketball, baseball, volleyball)
  • Art Room (craft creations, art projects, painting)
  • Games Room (bumper pool, carpetball, pool)
  • Front Desk (clerical, administrative)
  • Cafeteria (board games, snack/meal service)
  • Cadet Room (socializing with ages 6 – 9, board games, coloring, legos, assist with homework)
  • Junior Room (socializing with ages 10 – 12, board games, video games, assist with homework)
  • Technology Center (working with computers, digital photography)
  • Dance Studio (teaching dance, workout classes, one-on-one teaching)
  • Music Room (music lessons and music education)
  • Drama Room (teaching theatrics, improvisation, comedy, drama games)

Guiding Principles: Collaboration, Leadership, Cultural Competency and Youth Who Need Us Most

Serving The CLUB Teen Center (13 – 18 Year Olds)

  • Games Room (pool, air hockey)
  • Recording Studio (music recording, editing, and teaching)
  • Stage Area (performing music or drama)
  • Fitness Center (fitness classes, individual training, other misc. fitness programming)
  • Career Center (resume building, interview skills, life skills, job skills)
  • Teen Café (assisting teens with job experience)
  • Technology Center (tutoring, teaching technology skills, assisting teens with projects)
  • Teaching Kitchen/Laundry (teaching home-related skills)
  • Group Clubs (CareerLaunch, Money Matters, Date SMART, other programs)

There are also special events, field trips, tutoring, and fundraisers throughout the year that need volunteers to assist.

For additional information on volunteer opportunities, contact Sam Packard by or at (920) 750-5834.