Be a Mentor – Great Futures Mentoring Program

Make a positive difference in the life of a child…

Become a mentor in the Great Futures Start Here Mentoring Program and inspire a young person to finish middle school and high school, make smarter life choices, go on to higher education and start a fulfilling career.

Mentoring is based on the premise that predictable, consistent relationships with stable, competent adults can help youth cope with challenges and steer clear of high-risk behaviors. In a mentoring relationship, mentors provide guidance and support to help young people build self-confidence, learn positive behaviors, stay in school, and avoid potential pitfalls like drugs and gangs.

We ask for at least a one year commitment, and one meeting each week for one hour.

The Boys & Girls Club wishes to address developing and growing needs in the community by engaging high-risk youth in positive youth development activities, building and strengthening relationships with adults, as well as improving academic success and reducing potential for destructive behaviors amongst participating youth.

The Facts

  • 1-2 year commitment: Meet once per week or 4 times a month for one hour with your mentee.
  • Youth in the program would benefit from having a positive addition to the support system in their lives.
  • Each youth mentee has a specific plan to do better in school and throughout school and life to work on healthy decision making skills and relationship skills to help him or her grow into a productive, responsible and caring citizen.

Things To Do with Your Mentee at The Club

  • Homework
  • Career Exploration
  • Reading
  • Games
  • Sports
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Exercise
  • Art & Craft Projects

“Being able to make a difference in a kid’s life is a remarkable feeling. It gives me the greatest joy when a member walks into Club with a smile on their face, looking forward to telling you about their day. We create such a connection with each other that I know it’s going to be lifelong.” – Dominique Bledsoe, Great Futures Mentor

For more information, please contact Madeleine Cohen, Mentoring Coordinator at or at (920) 750-5846.