Our Commitment to Trauma-Informed Practice

We are committed to being responsive to all types of trauma. We continually evaluate how existing processes, practices, interactions, and environments may unintentionally trigger or turn others away from staying engaged with us and how the use of universal precautions can create a more welcoming, engaging experience with our organization.

We function from this way of being to help those we serve and those we employ to feel safer and more empowered. As a trauma-responsive organization, we strive to support health, wellness, and balance among all those with whom we interact and is accomplished by how we recognize the widespread impact of trauma, recognize signs of trauma, actively resist re-traumatization, and walk alongside others’ experiences. It is a cultural shift and lens to apply out of deep recognition that our interactions have the potential to be healing when we come from a more compassionate place. It is knowing our interactions and environments can affect others in feeling seen, heard, capable, and worthy of living a meaningful, fulfilling life.