Club Stories

Alumni Profile:  Tim VanGrinsven, Jr.

Tim with APD Officer in 1999
Tim at Club in 2000

Tim VanGrinsven, Jr. was eight years old when he joined the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley in 1998, the year it opened.  Now 26, Tim credits his Club experience for his career path.  “When the Appleton Police officers spoke to us at the Club, I realized that I wanted to work in criminal justice to improve the community.”  Tim went on to earn a BS in Criminal Justice Studies from the University of North Dakota and now oversees security operations at a hospital in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  “The Club was a great place to go after school and during the summer.  The staff were good role models. They encouraged us to be active, follow the rules, and be nice to each other – great examples for building good character and becoming successful.”

Tim today holding his BGCFV “Good Sport of the Year 2000” Award