Runaway & Homeless Youth

Runaway & Homeless Youth Services

Meet our Team

  • Katie Van Groll, Runaway & Homeless Youth Services Director
  • Kay Powers, Runaway & Homeless Youth Services Coordinator
  • Summer Schwartz, Runaway & Homeless Youth Services AmeriCorps member
  • Kay Church, Runaway & Homeless Youth Services AmeriCorps member

Our Runaway and Homeless Youth Services team is here to help teens throughout the Fox Valley area.

Our Runaway response services include:

  • 24-hour support
  • Confidential, voluntary and free services
  • Guidance and counseling support to runaway or homeless youth, and families of runaway youth
  • Conflict mediation
  • Runaway Hotline: (920) 731-0557

Our Street Outreach support services consist of a dedicated team that: 

  • Conducts community outreach to reach out to our most vulnerable teens
  • Spends time at youth hang-outs regularly
  • Makes connections with young people in crisis
  • Distributes personal care packages
  • Increases youth access to community resources

Interested in more community resources? Download our Street Smart Guide to learn about local resources!

For more information contact Katie VanGroll, Runaway and Homeless Youth Services Director, by email or call (920) 750-5837.