Runaway & Homeless Youth

Runaway & Homeless Youth Services

Meet our Team

  • Katie Van Groll, Runaway & Homeless Youth Services Director
  • Kay Powers, Runaway & Homeless Youth Services Coordinator
  • Summer Schwartz, Runaway & Homeless Youth Services AmeriCorps member

Our Runaway and Homeless Youth Services team is here to help teens throughout the Fox Valley area.

Our Runaway response services include:

  • 24-hour support
  • Confidential, voluntary and free services
  • Guidance and counseling support to runaway or homeless youth, and families of runaway youth
  • Conflict mediation
  • Runaway Hotline: (920) 731-0557

Our Street Outreach support services consist of a dedicated team that: 

  • Conducts community outreach to reach out to our most vulnerable teens
  • Spends time at youth hang-outs regularly
  • Makes connections with young people in crisis
  • Distributes personal care packages
  • Increases youth access to community resources
  • Interested in more community resources?
  • Download our Street Smart Guide to learn about local resources!

For more information contact Katie VanGroll, Runaway and Homeless Youth Services Director, by email or call (920) 750-5837.