Family Handbook

This handbook provides guidance with respect to Member and Caregiver participation in the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley’s positive youth development programs and services.

Updated May 2024

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Our Mission

To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Our Values

• Kids First
• Caring Adults
• Safe, Fun & Healthy Environments
• Inclusive Communities
• Responsible Stewardship
• Opportunity for All

Why Boys & Girls Clubs Are Special

Four key characteristics define the essence of a Boys & Girls Club. All are critical in exerting positive impact on the life of a child:

  1. Dedicated Youth Facility: The Boys & Girls Club is a place – an actual neighborhood- based building – designed solely for youth programs and activities.
  2. Open Daily: The Club is open nearly every weekday during the non-school hours when kids have free time and need positive, productive outlets.
  3. Professional Staff: Every Club has full and part-time, trained youth development professionals and paraprofessionals, providing positive role models and mentors. Volunteers provide key supplementary support.
  4. Available/Affordable to All Youth: Membership dues are affordable. Clubs reach out to kids who may lack access to other community programs.

History & Introduction to The Boys & Girls Clubs of The Fox Valley

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley (BGCFV) opened its first Club, the Boys & Girls Club of Appleton, in August of 1998. The organization arose out of a previously existing organization known as Youth Services of the Fox Valley Region which was founded in 1975.
The BGCFV is now a multi-unit, local and independent organization and is affiliated with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). The BGCA has been in existence since 1906 and operates under a specific vision, mission, and clearly defined standards. More about the BGCA may be found at www.bgca.org. The BGCFV meets BGCA affiliate standards and receives ongoing technical assistance, training, evaluation and program support from BGCA.

The BGCFV provides positive youth development programs to young people between the ages of five and eighteen and serves about 9000 Members per year at 15 Boys & Girls Club locations. In addition, the BGCFV provides a diverse array of mental and behavioral health programs through its Youth & Family Services department, which reaches an additional 200 young people, on average, each school day. The BGCFV serves roughly 17,000 young people each year.

The organization’s diverse services are provided during the times when children, youth and families are most in-need of our support and program service fees are kept low to ensure access to all. Of note, the programs offered out of the organization’s Youth & Family Services department, including licensed professional counseling services, are provided at no cost to participants.

The BGCFV is also proud to partner with multiple area school districts, community service organizations, businesses, and funders to play an integral role in the long-term health and vitality of our communities.

The BGCFV is one of the largest Boys & Girls Club organizations in the State of Wisconsin, is led by a team of 25-30 local community leaders who volunteer to serve on its Board of Directors, seven professional employees who serve on the organization’s Leadership Team, and approximately 200 other professional, paraprofessional, and minor employees.


To make the Fox Valley a great place for ALL kids to grow and thrive.

The Optimal Club Experience

Every day our team strives to provide to as many young people as possible by providing:

  • Supportive relationships with caring adults
  • A safe and positive environment
  • Recognition
  • Opportunities and expectations
  • Fun and a sense of belonging

Delivering this Club Experience at the highest level is the most important thing we can do for the children and youth in our community because every kid, regardless of income or circumstance, deserves the opportunity to thrive and an equal chance to reach their full potential.

Our Great Futures 2025 Vision

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley will grow and provide an exemplary Club Experience for youth from throughout the Fox Cities area that ensures members are on track
to graduate from high school, have a plan for their future, demonstrate good character and citizenship, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Our Great Futures 2025 Priorities:

  • Inspire and empower youth success.
  • Ensure opportunities for ALL youth.
  • Provide youth with a high-quality Club Experience.
  • Continue to learn and develop practices and program models through continuous improvement processes.

Our Boys & Girls Clubs

Ensuring child safety is fundamental to our mission.
The Safety and Wellbeing of Young People is Our Number One Priority

We work every day to create a safe, fun environment so kids can have every opportunity to be successful in life. We have ZERO tolerance for inappropriate behavior of any kind that jeopardizes the safety of our Club members, and we put resources behind that stance.

Our Culture of Safety

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley continually updates robust safety policies, programs and training for our staff and volunteers that are designed to promote child safety and protect young people from threats that are present in our society. We implement layers of safety policies and guidelines to keep our kids safe including:
• Criminal history background checks on all employees and volunteers.
• Child abuse prevention training for all our team members.
• Regular, repeated crisis response drills in partnership with local law enforcement

Safety Policies

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley has comprehensive safety policies in place that protect youth – including, but not limited to, supervision, transportation, communication and prohibiting private one-on-one contact in our positive youth development programs and services.

24- hour Toll-free Child Safety Hotline

We encourage all staff, members and families to report any incident or situation they feel is unsafe. Through our national partnership with Praesidium, one of the nation’s leading safety experts, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley members and staff have access to a confidential 24-hour toll-free Child Safety Hotline, 866-607-SAFE (7233) or
email SafeClub@Praesidiuminc.com. Members, caregivers, employees and volunteers can also email our own safety inbox at Safety@bgclubfoxvalley.org.

Mandatory Background Checks

Mandatory criminal background checks are required and automatically run monthly for every staff and board member at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley. In addition, criminal background checks are required for any volunteer who has repeated and direct contact with children. All potential employees and volunteers are also run through the National Sex Offender Registry.

Required Immediate Reporting

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley staff and volunteers are all mandated reporters. We are required to report any critical incident/safety concern to local law enforcement and/or Child
Protective Services. We are also required to report any critical incident to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America within 24 hours.

Mandatory Annual Safety Assessments

We complete a safety assessment each year to ensure we continually make improvements to safety at our Clubs.

Safety Training

Ongoing training and supervision of staff is critical. Our team members are required to participate in a wide variety of child safety training including child abuse and neglect prevention, mandatory reporting, ethics and boundaries, crisis management and response, anti-harassment, physical safety, CPR & First Aid, emergency response, trauma-informed care, transportation, cyber safety, bullying response and reporting, and medication administration. We also, in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, engage leading third-party safety experts to provide guidance for our policies and approaches, including Praesidium, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and the National Children’s Advocacy Center.

Safety Committee

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley has a dedicated safety committee to provide input and guidance on local policies and safety strategies. Priorities and initiatives in 2023 include:

  • Updating security cameras and building access technology and hardware
  • Building inspections with law enforcement
  • Revised internet safety policies

Mandatory Employee Reference

Any employee interested in moving to another Boys & Girls Club is required to have a reference from the previous Club, even if the Clubs are within the same community.

State and Local Laws

We comply with federal, state and local safety laws, including those impacting facilities and vehicles.

Safety Partnerships

Nationally, Boys & Girls Clubs of America works with leading experts in the areas of safety, security and technology to develop state-of-the-art solutions for Clubs. Partners include:

  • National Child Safety Advisory Task Force, made up of leading experts and organizations.
  • Blue Ribbon Taskforce, comprised of local Club leaders charged with providing input on the safety direction and key safety initiatives.
  • Mental Health First Aid, a national program that teaches skills to recognize and respond to signs of mental illness and substance abuse.
  • Crisis Text Line, a confidential text message service for youth in times of crisis Some of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley’s local safety partners include:
  • The City of Appleton Police Department
  • The City of Menasha Police Department
  • Outagamie County Youth & Family Services
  • The Appleton, Menasha, New Holstein, Kiel, Manitowoc, and Little Chute School Districts
  • The Red Cross

Nationally, Boys & Girls Clubs of America has advocated the passage of the U.S. PROTECT Act, which improved background screening systems and access. The national organization has also partnered with the FBI, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the Centers for Disease Control to contribute to the development of safety practices that benefit ALL youth-serving organizations.

Our young people deserve nothing less than our constant focus on their safety and our firm commitment to protect every child who is entrusted to our care at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley. To learn more about our national safety policies and actions, please visit Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Child Safety page here: www.bgca.org/kids-in-need/child-safety

Anti-Bias Statement

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley is committed in all areas to providing an inclusive environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. We will not tolerate discrimination and harassment based upon an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, or any other legally protected characteristics. All Club staff, youth members, and volunteers are expected and required to abide by this policy. We strive to engage youth in programs that support the development of cultural competency. Our programs help youth understand and respect their own culture and the cultures of others, where they are able to contribute to a multicultural society and demonstrate acceptance for differences among people.


All people are welcome at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender assignment, political ideology, or ability.

Americans with Disabilities Act Policy

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley seeks to serve all people. It is our intention to include people of all abilities in our programs in the most integrated setting and wherever it is reasonably possible to do so. (This includes individuals with a physical, mental or emotional need that substantially limits a major life activity, individuals with a record of such need, or individuals who are regarded as having such needs). Despite our best efforts, it may not be possible in certain circumstances for our Clubs to accommodate the disability or special needs of a child. This could occur in the following examples:

  • The individual’s disability or special needs present a significant direct threat to the health or safety of others and such risk cannot be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level; or
  • The required accommodation would require a fundamental alteration to programs or otherwise would present an undue burden for the Club.

For some children, special accommodation needs may appear later, or may differ over time. Our Boys & Girls Clubs will make ongoing assessments of your child’s needs and will require the caregiver’s involvement in this process. Failure to share information about your child that identifies special care, accommodations or supervision needs may jeopardize the placement of or continued participation by your child in the program. All children are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct or stated behavior expectations. An individual plan of care stating needs is required prior to starting the program.

Disability Inclusion

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley (BGCFV) welcomes all young people and is committed to acting inclusively. The BGCFV will make reasonable accommodations and provide equal opportunity and service to individuals with disabilities and other complex needs.

Inclusive Environment

The BGCFV will work closely with families to understand the unique needs of youth seeking accommodation and identify safe and feasible modifications that help support full participation in BGCFV services.

Sharing Disability Information

The BGCFV may share disability information with BGCFV personnel without the need for a signed consent for release of information on a “need to know” basis. Principles of “a need to know” include:

  1. The reasonable expectation that sharing the information between BGCFV personnel will help improve the well-being of the youth or will help lessen the risk of physical or mental harm coming to others or the child in question.
  2. Information is released only to the person or people within the BGCFV who can best ensure the BGCFV can meet the goals listed in principle #1.


Note that the term ‘reasonable accommodations’ in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) indicates an organization must take reasonable steps to provide services. Those steps should include an individualized assessment of the youth’s needs and an assessment of the BGCFV’s ability to provide the necessary accommodations effectively. Factors to be considered include:

  • The needs of the person with the disability
  • Accommodation requested.
  • Supervision requirements
  • Resources available to the service or program
  • Impact on policies

How to Request an Accommodation

Caregivers should contact the Director where their child is receiving services, or the Director of Behavioral Support Services to request accommodations and their child’s individual need for support.

How to file an ADA Complaint

Caregivers may file an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complaint by sending a message to accommodation@bgclubfoxvalley.org or by contacting Carlyn Andrew, Chief Culture Officer at candrew@bgclubfoxvalley.org or (920) 750-5838.

Non-Religious Policy

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley is a non-denominational organization and does not promote or facilitate religious activities regardless of where the program is housed. From time to time, however, we will expose children to diverse cultural experiences that may have religious overtones. Children will not be required to participate in any of these activities and alternate activities will be provided upon request. Caregivers are welcome to note your family religious preferences on the registration form.

Our Boys & Girls Clubs allow children to feel comfortable expressing their own religious beliefs and practices without staff promoting their own beliefs.

Holiday Celebrations

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley is a non-sectarian, multi-cultural organization. When holidays are recognized, it is for their celebration value rather than their religious significance. A way for our employees to honor diversity is by teaching children how different cultures celebrate their holidays. You are welcome to inform us of holidays your family celebrates.

Caregiver Code of Conduct

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley is committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for your child. To ensure your child’s development is met in a positive
way, we ask that you as the caregiver(s) agree to the following:

  • To make every effort to follow all policies and procedures as expressed in this handbook. You understand that it is your responsibility to read and comprehend the policies set forth and to follow them to the best of your ability.
  • To strive to support the Club in the way you communicate with the children, the staff, and other caregivers. You will not be discourteous to, threaten, or use inappropriate language or actions towards any child, including your own, staff, volunteers or other caregivers either at or near Boys & Girls Clubs or at any Boys & Girls Club functions.
  • To not approach any child other than your own to obtain confirmation, clarification, or “their view” on Boys & Girls Club-related issues, disputes, or disagreements between children. Such matters must be brought to the attention of Club personnel.
  • To not approach any staff member requesting confidential information in regard to any child but your own.

Should you violate the above guidelines, you may be prohibited from being present at Club programs or entering BGCFV facilities, whether owned by or used as part of BGCFV programs and services.

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

The use of illegal drugs, controlled substances, recreational drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and other smoking materials is prohibited at the Boys & Girls Club. If suspicion of impairment occurs, we will ask you to call a paid ride (e.g. taxi, Uber, etc.) or an emergency contact to pick up you and your child. If you choose to leave with your child, we will call law enforcement and Child Protective Services.

Updating Personal Information

Please keep account information accurate and current within the Caregiver Portal. Information required to be updated at all times includes but it not limited to:

  • Primary and/or emergency contact phone numbers, home addresses, and email addresses.
  • School, doctor, health/dental insurance, or emergency contact information.
  • Authorizations to pick-up.
  • Allergies, medication, and health information.

The Caregiver Portal

The Caregiver Portal is your one-stop shop for all things related to registrations, payments, youth information, and more. The Caregiver Portal Resource Page and Support Guide will help answer any questions you have as you navigate the portal. Visit our webpage to locate helpful guides, resources, and a link to the portal.

Caregiver Portal Resource Page: https://www.bgclubfoxvalley.org/caregiver-portal/

The Caregiver Portal is web-based and can be accessed first from our website or directly here: https://mch-foxvalley.my.site.com/portal/s/login-home

Our core belief is that all young people deserve an equitable chance to reach their full potential. We work hard on many fronts to advance the hopes and dreams of the young people who need us most. We believe in them and trust that if we can help them believe in themselves, they can and will go off to become caring adults and make their own lasting differences throughout their lives.

We recognize oppression and disparity exist in the world resulting in micro-aggressions, systemic inequity, and violence. We believe in the right for individuals and communities to have equitable access and opportunity to succeed in all organizations and workplaces. We are committed to doing our part to help dismantle systemic-isms and to live up to the ideals of functioning as an actively antiracist organization. We commit to using the principles of equity, inclusion, and social justice to evaluate and guide our policies, practices, and procedures.

We are committed to being responsive to all types of trauma. We continually evaluate how existing processes, practices, interactions, and environments may undesirably activate or turn others away from staying engaged with us and how the use of universal precautions can create a more welcoming, engaging experience with our organization.

We function from this way of being to help those we serve and those we employ to feel safer and more empowered. As a trauma-responsive organization, we strive to support health, wellness, and balance among all those with whom we interact and is accomplished by how we recognize the widespread impact of trauma, recognize signs of trauma, actively resist re-traumatization, and walk alongside others’ experiences. It is a cultural shift and lens to apply out of deep recognition that our interactions have the potential to be healing when we come from a more compassionate place. It is knowing our interactions and environments can affect others in feeling seen, heard, capable, and worthy of living a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Hours of Operation


We offer both before and after school programs, teen programming, drop in and much more. Hours of operation vary based on location and program. Please see your local club or visit our website at www.bgclubfoxvalley.org for more information.

Non-School Days

We offer programming for the full day on most days when school is not in session at either or both the Boys & Girls Club of Appleton, the Boys & Girls Club of Menasha, and the Boys & Girls Club of Manitowoc County. Non-school program days during the school year generally will run from 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Breakfast, lunch, and a snack are provided. There is no cost to attend on these days.


Summer programs vary by location. Please see your local Club or visit our website at www.bgclubfoxvalley.org for more information. Our largest summer programs run for 10-11 weeks at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Appleton and Menasha.

Club Closures

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Appleton, Menasha, and Manitowoc County will be closed on the following days. Copies of this schedule are available at each location and on our website at www.bgclubfoxvalley.org:

  • The first Friday of each month from September through May (staff development)
  • New Year’s Day (day or days may be adjusted depending on day of the week)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • From Memorial Day until the start of the summer program, generally the first weekday after the last school day of the year
  • Independence Day (day or days adjusted depending on day of the week)
  • Last day of summer program until the first day of the school year at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Appleton and Menasha.
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday)
  • Christmas Holiday (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – days adjusted depending on what day of the week they fall)

School-based Boys & Girls Clubs will also be closed on all the holidays listed above and will run until the last day of school. Added closure days vary by location and often run in accordance with the school’s schedule.

Days of operation may vary by location for various reasons and closures may occur due to special events that occur at any site.

Membership Policies

Membership in the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley is available to all children 6 (5 at elementary school locations) through 18 years of age who are enrolled in school full-time. Enrollment requires registration for membership at a specific location via the Caregiver Portal at https://mch-foxvalley.my.site.com/portal/s/login-home. Registrations require the signature of a caregiver for all children age 13 or younger. Young people aged 14 or older are encouraged to also have their registration signed by a caregiver, but it is not required.
All memberships shall run for one school year and/or for one summer period, separate registrations are required for school year and summer memberships. Prior to registration, young people may attend a Boys & Girls Club’s positive youth development programs up to three times as a guest.

Please note that the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley provides a diverse array of additional services through its Youth & Family Services Department including counseling services, bereavement support, truancy intervention, runaway and homeless youth services, and more. Membership is not required in order to access these services, all of which are provided to the community at no cost. For more information on these services please visit our website at bgclubfoxvalley.org.

Inclement Weather, Utility Outages & Club Closings

School Year

During the school year if the Appleton Area School District, Menasha Joint School District, and Manitowoc Public School Distric close for the day, or there is early dismissal due to inclement weather, the Boys & Girls Club of Appleton and Menasha will usually open from 8:00 am – 5:30 pm. However, if the weather is extreme, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Appleton, Menasha, and Manitowoc County may close as well. Announcements about this will be posted on the BGCFV’s social media. Please note that school-based Boys & Girls Clubs are not open when their host school is closed.
If the area school districts that have school-based Boys & Girls Clubs implement a two-hour delay to the start of their school day because of inclement weather, those Boys & Girls Clubs before-school programs will be cancelled. In addition, if the school district or school principal calls off after school activities due to inclement weather, Clubs operating within those schools may also close completely or close early.


In case of inclement weather, all Club activities will move indoors, and any scheduled field trips or other outdoor activities may be canceled or postponed. If a Severe Weather Warning is issued, Club members will shelter and not be allowed to leave the Club without being picked up by a caregiver until the warning expires. Caregivers are requested to consider remaining in a safe place instead of traveling to the Club during times of severe weather warnings. Caregivers who do choose to come to the Club are also requested to consider the relative safety of remaining at the Club as opposed to traveling during a severe weather outbreak.

Utility Outages (electrical, gas, water)

For the safety of our members, each Boys & Girls Club will close if a utility outage occurs.
Caregivers will be notified if an outage occurs during open hours and will be expected to come pick up their child as soon as possible. Updates on a Club’s status will be posted on the organization’s social media and website.

Notice of a Club Closing

Caregivers and members can find the latest information about whether a Club will be open or closed due to inclement weather on the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley’s Facebook site, it’s website, and at times via email. Caregivers who have given the organization a cell phone number may also be notified via a text alert system.

Personal Items

  • The Club is not responsible for the security or protection of Members’ personal items.
  • Club members should not bring valuable items such as electronics, jewelry or anything else of significant value to the Club.
  • Each Boys & Girls Club keeps personal items whose owner cannot be identified and that have been left behind in a “lost and found” location. After 4 weeks items that have not been claimed may be donated to other families or to another organization.

Dress Code

Proper dress is the responsibility of members and their caregivers. Rules pertaining to appropriate member attire are necessary to maintain good decorum and a favorable academic atmosphere. The site Director will use their discretion to make appropriate decisions regarding the appropriateness of each member’s dress and possible consequences for violation of this policy. Members wearing inappropriate clothing will be asked to change or turn their shirts inside out.

Members are not permitted to wear clothing that is inappropriate for the Club setting. Clothing that displays profanity, is sexually suggestive, offensive, promotes gang activity or affiliation, or promotes alcohol, tobacco, or drug use are not appropriate. Footwear with a solid sole must be worn at all times while at the Club and consideration will be given to participation in gym related activities if appropriate footwear is not worn.

Phone/ Electronic Device Usage

The Boys and Girls Club of the Fox Valley recognizes the safety purpose that members and caregivers have in providing youth with cellular phones and other two-way communication devices. Members must store electronic devices in their personal belongings in the off or silent mode so as not to disrupt the environment. The Boys and Girls Club of the Fox Valley is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to any electronic device.
The Directors of individual Clubs are authorized to establish rules and acceptable use guidelines for prohibited, limited, and/or non-disruptive use of an electronic communication device in the Club or during Club activities for safety, medical, vocational, or other legitimate uses. School sites may refer to school policies when setting before and after school expectations.

Student owned Chromebooks or computers are permissible to complete schoolwork and other relevant Boys & Girls Club programming. Site Directors may decide when Club members may use a computer and for what purpose.

The inappropriate use of any electronic device (cell phone, camera, etc.) while at the Club is subject to disciplinary action. Students may not share or post personal information about or images of any other Club member or staff member without permission from that member or staff. The inappropriate use of cameras or electronic communication devices includes but is not limited to: use in areas where one would reasonably expect privacy (locker rooms, bathrooms, etc.), to engage in cyber-bullying, placing cell phone calls or sending text messages that ridicule, threaten or harass another member. A phone is available at the front desk at each location for member usage with staff permission.

Caregiver Communications

We use several formal means to communicate with our members’ caregivers including activity and event flyers found in our welcome areas, e-newsletters, digital signage, social media, and our website. We will also strive to keep you posted on how your child or children are doing in the Club through personal conversations and written reports.
Our website contains contact details, program information, schedules and more and can be found at www.bgclubfoxvalley.org. Scroll over the tab labeled Our Clubs to find site-specific information.

Our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/bgcfv/) is a good place to get a look at many of the different activities our members enjoy as part of the Club Experience. We also encourage Caregivers to visit their child’s Club, get to know our team members and review the information posted about upcoming events, special activities, and other Boys & Girls Club services.

Caregivers can contact their Club’s Director with questions and concerns. Their phone number is listed on page two of this handbook and additional contact information can be found on our website.


Our programs employ youth serving professionals and paraprofessionals who care deeply about the kids we serve and take the work they do with children seriously. Prior to starting work with children, each one of our team members must undergo a criminal background check, reference check, an in-depth interview and must also successfully complete child abuse and neglect prevention training. All of our team members receive Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley and Boys & Girls Clubs of America training that includes, but is not limited to, these topics: child safety, anti-harassment, diversity and inclusion, ethics and boundaries, physical safety, cyber safety, trauma informed care, crisis management and response, bullying response and reporting, and positive behavior management. In addition, all of our full-time program staff are also required to receive and maintain CPR/First Aid/Bloodborne Pathogen certification.

Adult to child ratios are monitored and vary by program activity. For example, a maximum ratio of 1:30 is the guideline we use for sports and recreation activities but field trips for children under the age of 9 must not exceed a 1:8 ratio. The guideline we use for staffing our Clubs is an overall ratio of 1:15.


Volunteers are vital to our programs, and we encourage any caregiver or other adult to become a Club volunteer. Volunteers can tutor, chaperone field trips, teach classes, coach, help with special events, fundraise, work in the office, participate on an Advisory Board, and help with building repair and maintenance projects. If you would like to volunteer at the Club, please speak to a staff member or our Volunteer Coordinator whose contact information is available on our website.

Individual duly screened, oriented and trained adult and youth volunteers may be used to assist in the delivery of various programs and services. Individual volunteers go through a criminal background check and references are checked prior to allowing volunteers to work with our children. Volunteers are not allowed to by one-on-one with youth at any time.

The BGCFV welcomes the involvement of young people as volunteers also. However, volunteers must be out of high school before being eligible to volunteer with high school age youth. Youth volunteers should also be in 9th grade or above to be eligible to volunteer with middle school level youth. In limited and special circumstances Club Directors may exercise their discretion and suspend these age limits. Additional restrictions may apply.

Volunteer feedback is always welcome and encouraged. Any feedback should be directed to the organization’s Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteer Opportunities

The heart of any youth program is its volunteers! Donations of time, money and services are just a few ways to help support the Boys & Girls Club of the Fox Valley. Listed below are several ways that volunteers, like you, assist our program.

  • Mentor a member
  • Chaperone a field trip
  • Assist with program activities
  • Lead a special interest group
  • Organize an outing
  • Share your special talent
  • Play a board game with youth
  • Lead a cooking class
  • Tutor a member
  • Assist in computer lab
  • Special needs Aide
  • Listen to a member read
  • Lead an art class

If you are interested in volunteering at any of our sites, please visit htttp://www.bgclubfoxvalley.org/volunteer/.

Ethics & Boundaries

Please be aware that our team members and our volunteers are not allowed outside contact with any of the youth in our programs. This includes but is not limited to babysitting, house sitting, e-mail, texting, voice calls, being “friends” on social media, etc. Any prior relationships staff may have with children or families (e.g. family members, neighbors, etc.) must be disclosed in writing to the Director of each Club.
In certain circumstances a Club Director may grant approval for a team member to attend a young person’s private event or celebration as a representative of the Boys & Girls Club. The most common example of this would be family graduation parties.
Our team members are also not allowed to accept gifts from children or families with a financial value of $20 or more. Families that wish to express their gratitude to one or more team members may instead choose to contribute to the organization in honor of those team members.

Child Custody Agreements, Request for Records, and Legal Orders

Certified copies of child custody agreements and legal orders regulating caregiver access to children and their records need to be filed with each Club Director. To remain neutral, in the case of a court proceeding, we will not release attendance or behavioral records without a court order requiring us to do so.

Families in Transition

Families in transition through personal loss, loss of a job, separation of a spouse or partner, or other difficult challenges should know we want to offer support. Please make us aware of concerns in your child’s life. Changes outside of school and Boys & Girls Clubs may have an impact on a child’s interactions while in our programs. Our hope is to maintain a quality program while continuing to be a source of safety and support during difficult times. Our Clubs offer a number of additional support services that could be of great benefit to you and your child. We will help to provide families with other resources such as no-cost licensed professional counseling services, bereavement support for children and families through our Center for Grieving Children, crisis intervention services for runaway and homeless young people, and more. We also enjoy strong relationships with other community service providers and are more than willing to help you connect with the services and help you and your family may need at any time.

If we become part of your parenting plan (i.e. split payments, mutual pick up / drop off point for custody exchange, etc.) please share this information with us. For other court ordered situations (i.e.: restraining orders), we must have a copy of the order on file in order to comply.

For more information, please call our main line at 920-731-0555, visit our website at www.bgclubfoxvalley.org, or request to meet with your Club’s Director.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley strives to ensure that financial limitations never prevent a child from full participation in our programs and services. Financial aid is available for all costs associated with Club membership and participation. Please contact your Club’s Director for more information.

All participation and membership fees apply for children 7 years old and above.
For many members, the membership fee will be the only charge associated with their participation in daily Boys & Girls Club positive youth development programs. For others, there may be other fees that vary by Club and may include charges associated with program participation, transportation, special events or field trips, and special services. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Semester participation fees at our elementary school-based Boys & Girls Clubs (Badger, Columbus, Foster, Highlands, Edison, New Holstein, and Little Chute Elementary).
  • Summer program fees.
  • Bus transportation after school to a Boys & Girls Club.

For more information on your Club’s fee structure, visit our website or reach out to your Club’s Director.

All fees are payable on your Caregiver Portal linked here: https://mch-foxvalley.my.site.com/portal/s/login-home

Refund Policy

All membership and program service fees are non-refundable.

Methods of Payment

All payments can be made on your Caregiver Portal or in person at your Club location. Credit card payments can only be accepted at our Appleton, Manitowoc County, and Menasha Branch locations.

Late Pickup Policy

We request caregivers pick up their children by the end of Club programming. We do understand that occasionally you may run late and therefore we allow a one-time, no-fee, late pickup within 15 minutes of the Club’s closing time.

Caregivers who are late in picking up their child will be charged a late fee for each occurrence, with the one exception noted above. The fees for late pickup are:

  • Five to 15 minutes late: $5.00 per child; $10.00 per child after three times
  • 16 to 30 minutes late: $10.00 per child; $20.00 per child after three times
  • 30 to 45 minutes late: $15.00 per child; $30.00 per child after three times
  • 46 or more minutes late: $20.00 per child; $40.00 per child after three times

Please note that if we are unable to contact a caregiver within 45 minutes of the end of Club programming, law enforcement may be notified. A Child Protective Services report may also be filed for repeated violations regardless of if contact has been made.


Club members may, subject some program-specific restrictions, bring friends to their Boys & Girls Club up to three times at no charge. The name, age and contact information for the visiting youth will be recorded. If the guest wants to attend after three visits, membership is required.

Open Door Policy

Membership allows a young person to participate in daily “drop-in” youth development programs. Club members in seventh grade and above may sign out and return to Club with prior authorization from a staff member, whereas Club members 6th grade and under are welcome to drop-in at any time but are not allowed to leave on their own without caregiver authorization. Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • The Club does not provide licensed “day care” and once a member signs out they are not allowed to return unless prior arrangements have been made with Club staff for Club members in seventh grade and above or made with Club staff by a caregiver for younger Club members.
  • The Club does not provide supervision once a member leaves the Club.
  • It is strictly the caregiver’s responsibility to instruct their child on when and how they want them to leave Club programming.
  • Caregivers wanting to know the time their child signed in or out of the Club may contact their Club’s welcome desk for that information.
  • Members attending Clubs inside area schools must sign in at once following the end of the school day or other school-related activity and an adult must visit the welcome desk to pick up members involved at a Boys & Girls Club operating within an elementary school.

Authorized Pick-up Policy

Young people in 7th grade and above do not need an authorized adult to pick them up from the Club and can sign themselves out. Youth in 6th grade and under do require an authorized adult to pick them up from Club and are not allowed to sign themselves out of Club. If a caregiver wishes to make an accommodation to this policy, a Waiver of Authorized Pick-up Policy Form must be requested from the site Director, signed, and returned to be filed in the Club member’s file.

Please Respect…

Other Members

  • I will play fair and demonstrate good sportsmanship.
  • I will practice patience and wait my turn.
  • I will use kind, considerate and inclusive words.
  • I will not touch others or their belongings.

The Club

  • I will sign into Club at the appropriate Welcome Cetner.
  • I will put things back where they
  • I will pick up after myself and leave Club spaces better than the way I found them.
  • I will eat & drink in designated areas
  • I will be careful not to damage furniture, games, and other parts of the
  • I will avoid areas of the Club that do not have adult staff present or that I am not supposed to be in.
  • I will remember the Club is here for me and my friends, so I will treat it well!

Staff & Volunteers

  • I will listen to staff and volunteers and follow their
  • I will show respect when talking with Club staff and
  • I will put my cell phone away during programming and only use them with staff permission.
  • I will remember that staff and volunteers are here to help, so I will go to them if I ever have a problem or need to talk.


  • I will keep track of my personal belongings and leave items of value at home (e.g. IPods, handheld video games, large amounts of money)
  • I will dress appropriately and wear appropriate shoes.
  • I will open myself up to all the programs available at the Club.
  • I understand that my actions have consequences, positive and negative.
  • I will have fun while at the Club while prioritizing my development (working on homework, etc) and try to make myself proud everyday!

Support Protocol

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley strives to be an inclusive community to all that we serve. Open lines of communication between BGCFV team members, families, and school staff help to ensure that we do our best to make sure all participants are successful. If your child has a diagnosed disability or special medical needs, we ask that you reach out to schedule a caregiver support meeting before the child enters the program to discuss the needs and how our staff can strive to accommodate the needs of the child. This is also available to those families that have a child without a diagnosis but feel that extra support would be helpful for the child’s success in our program.


While we strive to be sensitive to children and their family’s cultural and individual values, age-appropriate behavior is expected of all children enrolled in our programs. Discipline will be based on an understanding of the child’s needs and will encourage the child to develop self-control, appropriate behavior, and respect for the rights of others. Each child will be listened to and treated with respect and fairness by staff members. Staff may approach inappropriate behavior using such methods as problem solving, alternative activities for the child, and logical consequences for their actions.

The staff uses positive techniques of guidance, redirection, anticipation and elimination of potential problems, positive reinforcement, and encouragement. Techniques of competition, comparison, and criticism are avoided. In addition, consistent, clear rules and expectations for the site are explained to the children. Staff will work with caregivers to establish open communication and to problem solve about the children’s behavior. Follow up at home may be necessary.

Physical restraint of a child is ONLY used in an emergency when protecting a person from physical injury, to obtain possession of a dangerous object or protect property from serious damage.

Caregivers will be notified promptly if a child is in danger of hurting themselves or others. If we are unable to reach a child’s caregiver, the BGCFV will notify the child’s emergency contacts. The BGCFV expects caregivers or emergency contacts in these circumstances to pick their child up right away. In the event the BGCFV is not able to reach a caregiver or an emergency contact, we reserve the right to contact law enforcement or other authorized personnel to assist in maintaining a safe environment for all. The BGCFV will not allow children who have severely compromised their own safety or that of others back into the program until a caregiver support meeting with the BGCFV’s Behavioral Support Services Director, the Club member, and at least one of the child’s caregivers occurs.
The Club, under no circumstances, will use corporal punishment, ridicule, or name calling as forms of discipline.

Serious Discipline and Suspension

A serious discipline problem is defined as one in which the Club Director determines that a child is engaging in inappropriate behavior that warrants a suspension. Serious behavior problems include but are not unlimited to:

  • Fighting with another member, staff person, volunteer, or caregiver
  • Bullying of any kind, verbal, or non-verbal threats
  • Acts of threat toward another member, staff person, volunteer, or caregiver
  • Physical endangerment – drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco products, inhalants, vaping
  • Destruction or theft of Club property or another member’s property
  • Racial or sexual harassment (including inappropriate physical contact)
  • Bringing or using weapons with malicious intent to the Clubs: guns (toy), knives, sling shots, firearms, firecrackers, or anything that is intended to be used as a weapon
  • Running away from staff, program, and the facility. Failure to stay within audio or visual

If a child engages in any of the above or other behaviors that threaten the safety and well- being of others and the Club Director or designee has suspended the child, a caregiver meeting will be required before the child is allowed to return. At the caregiver meeting, the Club Director or designee will attempt to work with the caregiver(s) and child to come up with a plan that can allow the child to safely return to the Club. The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley has sole discretion to determine if a child is ready to return to the Club, to decide under which circumstances a child may return (e.g. involving our Behavioral Support Services Director, creating a support plan, etc) and to request that the child receive further services before being allowed to return.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley does not give up on kids, however, and while suspension may be warranted as outlined above, the organization also provides additional services, including no-cost, licensed, professional counseling that can often help a child return to youth development programs and services in a safe way. The organization will also work to connect families with other community resources that may also be able to help a child return safely to Club youth development programming.

Should a young person be suspended (including in-school suspension) or expelled from school, the caregiver is required to inform their Club and the child will not be eligible to attend Club until the suspension has ceased or until a caregiver meeting has taken place to discuss participation in the organization’s youth development services.

Unauthorized Departure from Club

A very rare though serious incident is when a child chooses to leave the Club grounds or breaks from their field trip group. Unauthorized departures force others into unsafe situations. Our staff is instructed to only follow children who leave on their own if it does not risk the safety of the group. The following policy is in place:

  • If a child chooses to leave the group and the supervision of the staff member(s), that child will not be chased or followed if it risks the safety of the group.
  • Staff leaders will notify police of a child that has left the supervision of the Boys & Girls
    Club and give a description and general whereabouts.
  • The primary caregiver will be notified immediately. If we are unable to contact primary caregiver, the emergency numbers will be contacted.
  • An unauthorized departure, where a child has placed the staff and other children at risk by their actions, is grounds for suspension.

Bullying Policy

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley (BGCFV) is committed to providing a safe, secure, and healthy environment that allows all students to maximize their learning potential. The BGCFV considers bullying detrimental to the health and safety of students and is prohibited.

Bullying includes aggressive and hostile behavior that is intentional and involves an imbalance of power between the bully and the bullied. This behavior may include but is not limited to physical and verbal assaults, nonverbal or emotional threats or intimidation, harassment, social exclusion and isolation, extortion, use of computer or telecommunications to send messages that are embarrassing, slanderous, threatening or intimidating (cyber- bullying). Bullying may also include teasing, put-downs, name-calling, rumors, false accusations, and hazing. Bullying based on sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or physical, mental, emotional or learning disability or handicap in its education programs or activities is also prohibited by law and BGCFV policy.

Bullying behavior is prohibited in all BGCFV afterschool programs, buildings, properties, and educational environments. This includes any property or vehicle owned, leased, contracted, or used by the BGCFV such as public transportation regularly used by students to go to and from the BGCFV.

Club members who engage in any form of bullying behavior at the BGCFV will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with BGCFV policy. Consequences and sanctions for such actions, including retaliating against someone for reporting bullying behavior, may include but are not limited to, caregiver notification, suspension or referral to law enforcement officials for possible legal action. BGCFV staff will support the identified victim.
Education, intervention, awareness, and prevention shall exist for staff and Club members to ensure a learning environment free of bullying or intimidation toward and between Club members and staff.

Disclosure and Public Reporting

BGCFV will distribute this policy to all Club members, their caregivers, and employees. The BGCFV will provide a copy of the policy to anyone who requests it.

Reports of bullying may be made verbally or in writing and may be made confidentially. All such reports, whether verbal or in writing, will be taken seriously and a clear account of the
incident is to be documented. The Bullying Behavior Report Form (see Appendix A) will be used for written reporting.


All BGCFV staff members who observe or become aware of acts of bullying are required to report these acts to the Unit or Branch Director. Any other person, including a Club member who is either a victim of the bullying or is aware of the bullying or any other concerned individual, is encouraged to report the conduct to the Unit or Branch Director.

Reports of bullying may be made verbally or in writing and may be made confidentially. All such reports, whether verbal or in writing, will be taken seriously and a clear account of the incident is to be documented. The Bullying Behavior Report Form will be used for written reporting.

Reporting Procedures

If bullying occurs, Club members are encouraged to take the following steps:

  1. Clearly say “stop” to the person whose behavior is unwanted and report to a trusted adult.
  2. Speak with a trusted adult.
  3. When reporting to an adult, include the following information:
      • Give the name of the person and specific unwanted behavior
      • Describe the nature of the bullying
      • Give the date(s) of the event
      • Tell briefly what happened and note all incidents of bullying that may have taken place
  4. BGCFV staff may make an appropriate person(s) aware of the situation to discuss the case and determine the follow-up. All efforts will be made to handle the situation in a discreet manner and maintain appropriate confidentiality. BGCFV staff will also inform students of the prohibition against retaliating against another student for reporting an incident of bullying.
  5. Any BGCFV staff who witnesses bullying between students must intervene by giving a verbal warning. In some cases, it may be necessary to provide a report of bullying incidents to a BGCFV Director.
  6. There shall be no retaliation against individuals making such reports. Individuals engaging in retaliatory behavior will be subject to disciplinary action.

Procedure for Investigating Reports of Bullying

The Club Director will begin the investigation of a report of bullying within one school day. This investigation will include an interview of the person(s) involved and a collection of the information that will determine the facts and seriousness of the report. Caregivers of all people involved in the bullying incident will be notified prior to the conclusion of the investigation. The BGCFV shall maintain confidentiality of the report and related student records to the extent required by law.

Mandatory Child Abuse & Neglect Reports

Wisconsin State Law requires that all Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley employees who suspect that a child is being abused or neglected must make an official report on behalf of the site to Child Protective Services (CPS) or to law enforcement. Reports are kept confidential.

Referrals may be made to CPS or law enforcement without conferring with caregivers.
Reporting should be regarded as a request for investigation into a suspected incident of abuse or neglect. A report does not necessarily constitute a proven fact; rather, it is the raising of a question about the state of the child. Making a report can be the beginning of a process to help caregivers with their challenges and to protect their children.

Grievance Policy

Honest differences of opinion regarding conditions of care or procedures will arise from time to time. When this happens, families are encouraged first to bring the matter to the attention of their Club by asking to meet with the Club Director, Assistant Director, or if they are unavailable, their designee in private where concerns may be addressed. We recognize that not all challenges can be remedied through this informal basis. The following more formal, step-by-step procedure should be initiated:

  • Address a letter to your child’s Club Director stating you would like to present a formal complaint. Describe the situation or topic you would like to discuss.
  • If this discussion does not resolve the concern, you may request to meet with the Senior Director of Youth Development Services. After listening to your concerns and reviewing the previous response, the Senior Director of Youth Development Services will make a final decision.
  • If necessary, final resolution will involve the CEO or another member of the Senior Leadership Team for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley.

This grievance resolution policy is only a guideline. We may decide in some circumstances and at our discretion, to use a different procedure to look into or resolve challenges. All decisions regarding the resolution of concerns or complaints remain at our discretion and shall be final.

Our goal is to provide a quality, safe place for children. The procedure to address grievances does not include the option of confrontation while children are present. We strive for a positive working relationship with all involved. However, any situation deemed a threat to the safety and well-being of children in our care or our staff or a disruption to the regular operation of our programs will not be tolerated.

Minor First Aid

  • Boys & Girls Club staff are permitted to administer band aides, ice packs, and bandages.
  • Club staff cannot physically apply sunscreen and insect repellent lotion.
  • The Club is not responsible for reactions or improper usage of sunscreen, insect repellent, or any item that is borrowed from or used by Club members.
  • Caregivers must advise staff of any medical problems a member has or has had by completing the health history portion of the membership form and adding information as needed.


  • Please notify the Club and keep children home when they have a rash, sore or runny eyes, contagious illness, or head lice.
  • Members who develop symptoms of a contagious illness while at the Club must be picked up within a timely manner and are not eligible to return to the Club until 24 hours from the initial intake of medication or per the instructions of a health care professional.
  • Members who stay home from school due to illness are not eligible to come to Club that day.

Medications Policy

In compliance with Wisconsin State Law, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley has adopted a policy for the administration of medications. For Club Staff to administer medication safely and efficiently, caregivers and/or adult students must comply with Club policy.

Medications should be administered at home whenever possible. Caregivers are urged to consult with the prescribing physician to determine if medications can be scheduled outside Club hours. If this is not possible, designated staff will administer medication according to Club policy.

Prescription Medication

  1. Current Administration of Medication Consent Physician’s Statement (see Appendix B) form and Administration of Medication Consent Caregiver Statement (see Appendix B) form must be on file at the Boys & Girls Club. These forms may be obtained from the Boys & Girls Club.
  2. The prescription medication must be supplied in the original pharmacy-labeled bottle indicating the correct dosage and frequency of administration. This information must be the same as provided on the above noted forms. Only the amount of medication needed at Club shall be contained in the bottle.
  3. If changes in the dosage take place, updated caregiver consent, a signed physician statement, and an updated pharmacy-labeled bottle will be required.

Over-the-counter Medication (Non-Prescription)

  1. The caregiver must complete an Administration of Medication Consent Caregiver Statement form (see Appendix B).
  2. Medication must be supplied in the original container with the student’s name affixed on the container.


Caregivers are responsible for ensuring enough supply is on hands at all times. The BGCFV is not responsible if a child’s medicine is not on hand to be dispensed as prescribed or previously directed.

Helpful Hints

  1. Ask your pharmacist for a second empty, labeled container so that you will have containers for home and Club. Medication will not be given if in an unmarked container (i.e., baggie, envelope).
  2. When you know your child will be taking medication, discuss the hours of administration with the doctor. It may be possible to regulate the dosage so that medication can be given at home and not at Club (i.e., antibiotics given 3 times a day).
  3. Caregivers are asked to deliver the container of medication to the Boys & Girls Club to prevent tampering by the child and other youth.
  4. Unused portions of medication after the completion of the school year/summer or when discontinued will be disposed of after 7 days if not picked up by the caregiver.
    Caregiver attention to and support of these requirements will be very much appreciated.

Emergency Treatment

In the event of an emergency requiring immediate advanced medical treatment the Boys & Girls Club staff will call 911 first. Caregivers will be contacted as soon as possible. Boys & Girls Club staff are not allowed to transport injured or severely ill members. The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley utilizes the ambulance for all emergency transportation to the nearest emergency health care facility.

Head Lice/Nits in the Club (Pediculosis)

Head lice are commonly referred to as a nuisance condition because they rarely cause any serious medical concern. Specific guidelines have been developed for the treatment of head lice and/or nits at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley. These guidelines include caregiver notification, treatment instructions, and caregiver responsibilities. The caregiver of any student found to have nits or live lice will be notified. Caregivers may choose to pick up the Club member at time of discovery or at the end of Club.

Procedures for Control and Treatment

  1. Any young person who is suspected of having live head lice shall be removed from the Club as unobtrusively as possible to be screened. Live head lice screenings may be
    made periodically on any child as necessary. These screenings will occur by the Club site director or designee.

2. If live lice are apparent:

      • The caregiver of any child found to have nits or live lice will be notified. The child may remain at the Club until the end of the Club day; however, the
        caregiver may choose to pick up student at time of discovery or at the end of the day.
      • A written explanation of lice treatment may be given to the caregiver. As part of the treatment process and before re-admittance, caregivers will be instructed to remove all lice and nits. The site director or designee may furnish treatment supplies for those families demonstrating financial need.

3. Re-admittance to the Club:

      • The child may be checked by the site director or designee upon return to the Club. The presence of live lice will again result in caregiver notification, and further treatment options will be discussed.
      • The above procedures will be repeated until lice and nits are removed.

4. Confidentiality:

      • Only information needed for the purpose of assuring notification of the appropriate parties involved and for prevention of further exposures should be noted. All information shall be kept in confidence in accordance with State and Federal laws and regulations.
      • Caregivers of other students at the Club may be notified of the presence of lice when such a notice is considered appropriate by the Site Director, CEO, Sr. Director of Youth Development Services, or designee.

The BGCFV encourages caregivers and other interested community members to visit the Boys & Girls Club and believes that there are many potential benefits which can result from increased interaction with the public. At the same time, the BGCFV has a legitimate interest in avoiding disruption to the youth development process, protecting the safety and welfare of the members and staff, and to protect the Club’s facilities and equipment from misuse or vandalism. A balance must be achieved between the potential benefits and risks associated with the presence of visitors in the Club. Achieving the desired balance will lead to increased caregiver involvement, a better understanding of how the Club operates and the challenges facing the Club, and an increased sense of collaboration and cooperation between the community and the Club. Limitations may be placed on visitors to avoid disruption to Club operations and to prevent visitors from receiving a distorted view of those operations.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or their designees shall have the authority to determine which visits are to be permitted as well as the discretion to set any appropriate conditions on the nature and extent of such visits. In exercising their discretion, the CEO shall consider the purpose of the visit, the impact of the visitor’s presence and the relationship of any visitor to the members. Appropriate administrative rules shall be developed to provide guidance for Club personnel so that worthwhile experiences may be provided for those persons who enter onto Club premises as visitors. Club personnel shall seek to assure that caregivers and other visitors are courteously received and that sincere efforts are made to provide them with information as may be needed to foster a cooperative relationship between home, Club and community.


A. General Requirements for Visitors to Club:

1. A visitor is defined as any person seeking to enter a Club building who is not an employee of the Club or a duly registered participant in a Club program.

2. All visitors shall report to the front desk when arriving or leaving the Club premises. Notices shall be displayed at the building entrance indicating that all visitors are required to register with the front desk and obtain authorization from the building CEO or their designee to remain on the Club premises. All visitors shall be requested to wear an appropriate form of identification when on Club premises.

3. Whenever possible, visitors should obtain authorization from the CEO in advance. At the discretion of the CEO, such prior authorization may be required.

4. All Club visitors must always comply with Club policies and procedures.

B. Exceptions to Visitor Requirements. Caregivers or community members who have been invited to visit the Club as part of a scheduled open house, special event, scheduled performance by a team or group, or other adult participants in organized and Club approved activities are exempt from requirements in A. 1-4 above.

C. Visitors to Activity Areas:

1. Access to areas of the Club may be restricted upon the recommendation of the
staff person in charge or as otherwise deemed necessary by the CEO, most commonly during the provision of confidential services.

2. Because some program areas, such as the Learning Club and the Truancy and Runaway Assessment Club, are the most vulnerable to disruption, specific conditions may be imposed upon visitors, including but not limited to:

          • remaining in a designated place or seat
          • refraining from speaking to members while the class or activity is in session
          • refraining from entering or leaving the area while an activity is underway
          • requiring that the dress and grooming of the visitor be consistent with the dress code for the members and employees within the building.
          • requiring that the visitor be chaperoned
          • limiting the duration of the visit to particular times or length of time
          • limiting the activities of the visitor to a particular purpose(s)
          • designating particular routes of travel in the building or upon the Club grounds.

3. Visitors wishing to conference with program staff or administrators during the Club day are encouraged to make arrangements in advance.

D. Member Visitors

1. No member who is under suspension or other form of discipline from this or any other Club shall be permitted to visit a BGCFV Club unless such member is registered for a different Club sponsored program or activity than that from which the member has been suspended unless they have obtained expressed prior approval of the CEO or their designee before entering.

E. Special Situations

1. Both custodial and non-custodial caregivers of a member have rights to visit the child’s Club unless a court order exists restricting such contact. In the event that a non-custodial caregiver seeks permission to visit, the Club shall make a good faith effort to notify the custodial caregiver in advance of the visit.

The CEO or their designees has the authority to exclude from the Club premises any person who disrupts or who appears likely to become a disruption to the program. Any such individual shall be directed to leave the Club premises immediately and law enforcement authorities shall be called if necessary.

Five Key Elements for Positive Youth Development

Safe and Positive Environment

Club staff, facilities, program and age-appropriate settings create stability, consistency and a sense of physical and emotional safety for members. The Club provides structure and clearly defines acceptable behaviors.

Fun and Sense of Belonging

Club generates fun for members. Members develop a strong sense of belonging through connections they establish with staff and peers. Staff members make the Club feel like home, fostering a family atmosphere and creating a sense of ownership for members.

Supportive Relationships

Club youth develop meaningful relationships with peers and adults. Staff members actively cultivate such relationships to ensure that every member feels connected to one or more adults and peers. Staff members demonstrate warmth, caring, appreciation, acceptance and proper guidance in their connections with members.

Opportunities and Expectations

Club youth acquire physical, social, technological, artistic and life skills. Clubs encourage members to develop a moral character and behave ethically. Staff members establish and reinforce high expectations and help young people do well in school and pursue a post-secondary education.


Clubs recognize and support young people’s self-worth and accomplishments. Staff members encourage youth and provide positive reinforcement as they make improvements and experience successes. The Club showcases young people’s achievements.

Core Program Areas

Program focus areas are based on both the interests of youth and their physical, emotional, cultural and social needs.

We find the impact is greatest when we have consistent staff, as well as youth participating until at least 5:00 p.m. When youth stay until 5:00 p.m., they have the opportunity to participate in a full hour of academic support programs (homework help, tutoring, hands-on activities connected to the school day, and more). We would like you to consider allowing your child(ren) to be involved in the afterschool program until 5:00 p.m. as many days as possible.

Research demonstrates that high quality afterschool programs can improve a variety of student outcomes. Participation in high quality afterschool programs is linked to improvements in academic achievement, student engagement, work-study habits, and social- emotional development. Children indicate that they have higher aspirations for their future, including greater intentions to complete high school and attend college. In addition, children develop new interests and skills and improve their school attendance.

Character and Leadership Development

Character and Leadership Development empowers youth to support and influence their Club and community, sustain meaningful relationships with others, develop a positive self-image and respect their own and others’ cultural identities.

Education and Career Development

Education and Career Development enable youth to become proficient in the basic educational disciplines apply learning to everyday situations and embrace technology to achieve success in a career.

Health and Life Skills

Health and Life Skills develop youth people’s capacity to engage in positive behaviors that nurture their own well-being, set personal goals and live successfully as self-sufficient adults.

The Arts

The Arts enable youth to develop their creativity and cultural awareness. Youth are challenged to appreciate visual arts, performing arts and creative writing.

Sports, Fitness and Recreation

Sports, Fitness, and Recreation enable youth to develop positive use of leisure time, skills for stress management, appreciation for the environment and social skills.

To print and fill out this form, click here.

To print and fill out this form, click here.

To print and fill out this form, click here.