Matching Gift Challenge Underway!

Here’s your chance to double your impact on a child’s future! Thanks to the generosity of three area families, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley has received a $100,000 Matching Gift Challenge. When you choose to donate now through December 31, 2022 gifts may be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $100,000. 

When you choose to support the Club you help thousands of families, including those like Stacey’s.

When Stacey and her four children Elijah, Isaiah, Ian, and Elaine were faced with a major change in their family, the Club was there for them.

Stacey shared that “The availability to get four kids into counseling, is hard time wise and money wise. So the fact that (the Youth and Family Counseling Program) was a resource we could access at no cost was incredible.”

All four children received individualized counseling support through the Club’s Youth and Family Counseling Program, as well as youth-focused family counseling to help them navigate these tough moments. When youth and families are faced with challenges, the Club is there to provide opportunities. These opportunities only exist thanks to caring donors like you.

Stacey expresses that “By going through this and having all the kids have a voice that matters, it’s helping them to understand the value of finding safe people to talk to and really growing out of some patterns that are not serving us anymore.”

At the Club, we believe every child deserves the chance to reach their full potential. And we know that every child has physical, mental, social, emotional, and behavioral needs that when met, enable them to thrive. Through counseling Elijah, Isaiah, Ian, and Elaine were equipped with the knowledge and skills they needed to cope with their emotions.

Isaiah, age 11, shares that, “(Counseling is) fun and it’s relieving to finally talk to someone about how you’re feeling.” And Elaine, age 9, shares “(Counseling has taught me) that I’m not alone.”

Stacey believes that because of the Club’s Youth and Family Counseling Program, Elijah, Isaiah, Ian, and Elaine “are empowered to begin to learn to advocate for themselves, and that emotional needs are as important as physical needs … The kids each have practical tools they can use to help them.

Our Clubs are committed to doing whatever it takes to meet every child where they’re at – to stand alongside them, to hear them, to advocate for them, to care for them, to believe in them, and to give them opportunities to grow and achieve their dreams. Will you join us and help provide opportunities for the more than 11,000 young people we serve each year?